The company

More than 40 years of know-how…

Since the beginning of our existence, manufacturing in craft and in small batch has been a priority. With a diverse fleet of machines, we are concerned primarily in implementing methods based on manual skills and personal initiative. Surrounding this activity with a management using industrial principles, today we assure a densified production.

Our location in a region with strong aerospace presence provides us facilities with a supply of raw materials and gives us easy access to subcontracting of recognized competence.

Nearly 60% of our turnover is made for export.


  • 1979 : Company created
  • 1993 : New CEO Mr Bruno Boissières was appointed
  • 1995 : Moved to the present location
  • 1997 : First ISO 9002 certification obtained by the BDLI
  • 2001 : Extended the building to include the new surface treatment room
  • 2003 : First EN 9100 certification obtained by the BDLI
  • 2003 : First participation at the “Paris Air Show” at Le Bourget
  • 2006 : First EN 9100 certification obtained by a third-party body
  • 2013 : Extension of site
  • 2016 : Expansion of the production area
  • 2019 : Development of a new administrative building
  • 2021 : ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 45001 (safety) processes